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The Internet has evolved rapidly; staying up-to-date with it requires not only understanding and choosing from the many technology tools and resources that exist, but creating an overall vision for using technology to advance the mission of  an organization. MTS consultation includes helping clients integrate the effective use of technology in order to maximize resources and achievement of organizational goals.

charlotte's work:

"Charlotte is a knowledgeable and effective consultant, designing an evaluation and strategic planning process that combined solid research methodology with critical analysis and professional presentation."

Kathryn M. Goller
Director, Youth & Young Adult Ministry, Diocese of Buffalo

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Ministry Formation 2.0

is how we have begun talking about our new approach to the subject.

To read more, download this paper on the topic, presented at the 2009 International Association for the Study of Youth Ministry Conference.

why does mts exist?

To serve the Church and her mission by responding to the unique ministry formation needs of lay ecclesial ministers.

Challenging times require innovative responses. MTS assists the Church in identifying and responding to the significant challenge of forming competent lay ministry leaders for the 21st century.

MTS can help you or your organization in...


Creating Ministry Formation Based Upon High Standards

  • For more than 20 years, the Church has had national standards for ministry leaders. However, utilization and adoption has been slow. MTS consultants have been leaders in the development and implementation of national standards by providing leadership in writing the standards and assisting in the development of certification procedures for lay ecclesial ministers. MTS can assist your organization in using the new national standards and implementing a local certification process.

  • Creating an Integrated Vision and Plan for Web Development and Social Networking Site Management & social media strategies

  • Ministry organizations have no choice but to be part of the evolving social web, seeing it as an opportunity for ministry. Navigating this new media requires both time and special skills. It is not enough to just have a website or Facebook page. Websites need ongoing development with updated content. Facebook pages require management to maximize interaction and use by members. Organizations that understand the relationship between websites and social media create an integrated strategy and plan to best serve their members. With both technical expertise and ministry experience, MTS consultants can uniquely assist with the development and implementation of such an integrated plan through website development and social networking management, with a focus on using these resources for ministry in today’s Church.

  • moving from face-to-face training to online education

  • MTS was among the first in the Church to see online education as a viable solution to address the training needs of ministry leaders. It is not enough to just take content used in a face-to-face setting and put it online and call it e-learning. The transition to online education, whether it is completely online or part of a blended strategy, requires intentional use of proven instructional design methodologies addressing diverse learning styles. With this in mind, MTS applies the 4MAT learning style and instructional design cycle to all its training experiences, both face-to-face and online. MTS consultation includes using instructional design theory, as well as helping organizations assess both the needs of their learners, and which online learning tools will best meet an organization’s resources, including budget and staffing support. We can consult with you to create customized e-learning in a variety of formats.

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