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what is mts?

A non-profit organization, serving ministry formation providers, through customized ministry formation solutions that are affordable, accessible, and adaptable.

Our innovative solutions include assessment, consultation, training, and resource development.

why trust mts?

"You know who you gotta know? You gotta know MTS. Because if you want theologically-grounded, well-developed, cutting-edge research, you need to look to MTS because that's gonna save you a lot of work looking elsewhere." –Barb Legere, Parish Director of Youth Ministry, Rochester, NY

whoM do we serve?

Those who form, educate, support, and supervise lay ecclesial ministers through serving parishes, dioceses, higher education institutions, national lay ministry organizations, and ministerial leaders.
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  • Now offering a Customized Report on salary data for your local ministry environment

    Salaries and benefits are two areas where the average youth ministry leader needs evidenced-based support to substantiate fair and just compensation. Sadly, there is disparity in the youth ministry workforce, not only within a diocese or region, but especially between men and women. Asking for better overall compensation begins with knowing the facts. Do you know yours?

    Ministry Training Source is offers a customized salary research report for ministry leaders based upon your education level, ministry formation, and years of experience. MTS is able to provide an individual with the average salary by state, by geographic region, and by episcopal region.

    See the description page for more information and to order your report.

  • support MTS in our mission!

    Since 2000, we have been supporting the church's ministries with our expert services. Help us, as we continue to offer training, resources, and innovative thinking to the field of youth ministry and beyond! Make a tax-deductible donation today.

  • have Dr. charlotte mccorquodale offer training for you!

    An hour, a day, a weekend? Whatever your needs, Charlotte can help! Read full workshop descriptions.

  • ready-to-use online courses

    Engaging Online Courses in Youth Ministry and Major Areas of Theology Created by a Nationally-Certified Instructional Designer

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