youth ministry specialization courses (YMSC)

The online courses based on the national standards and specialized competencies for youth ministry leaders are pre-uploaded to the CourseSites by Blackboard Learning Management System (LMS).


All courses include:

  • 3 or 6 weeks of Active Learning
  • Curated Web-Content & Reading Materials
  • Professional Presentations
  • Learning Journal
  • Practical Youth Ministry Application
  • Course One: Fostering the Vision of Youth Ministry (see sample)
  • Module A: En-Visioning Catholic Youth Ministry
    Module B: Advancing the Vision of Catholic Youth Ministry


  • Course Two: Cultivating a Culture of Encounter for Adolescents through Evangelization, Catechesis, and Faith Community
  • Module A: Fundamentals of Evangelization and Catechesis with Adolescents
    Module B: Forming a Consequential Faith in Adolescents

  • Course Three: Connecting Adolescents to Faith (see sample)
  • Module A: Increasing Faith Engagement through Prayer, Sacraments, & Social Justice
    Module B: Outreach in Catholic Youth Ministry Through Pastoral Care & Social Media


  • Course Four: Developing Leadership For Catholic Youth Ministry
  • Module 4.A: Organizing for Catholic Youth Ministry
    Module 4.B: Advanced Leadership Strategies with Youth and Adult Leaders


  • Theology 101 Courses on Sacraments, Scripture, Catholic Spirituality, & Morality/Catholic Social Teaching
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